Do you know what LOTE (Language Other Than English) is?

Why is it important to learn another language?

Learning other languages is the best way for individuals to enhance their lives. It fosters cultural appreciation, creates better career opportunities, enables travel and exploration of diverse cultures, promotes global citizenship, provides access to information, and aids in the preservation of languages.

For these reasons, The Language Academy offers courses in seven other languages. If you’re interested in learning a language other than English, TLA has several options for you, including Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese, Italian, German, French, and Mandarin with LOTE (Language Other Than English)

Why should Japanese choose TLA to learn English?

For the Spanish teacher Maria Garcia, “learning another language is important because it allows you to communicate with people from different cultures, explore various topics, and is very useful for traveling.”

Undoubtedly, learning a new language can provide insights into the traditions, values, and customs of a particular culture. Additionally, as you learn another language, you can improve your memory, enhance your multitasking abilities, and develop problem-solving skills.

What is the second language with more students in the TLA?

Teacher Maria explains, “students love learning Spanish because their main motivation is love. It could be because they are in love with our culture, including food, music, and customs, or because they’ve traveled to Spain or Latin America and fell in love with the experience, motivating them to learn.”

Spanish is the second most popular language being learned at TLA. “Spanish is spoken as the official language in 21 countries, making it very useful for travel. Moreover, people in general love our culture,” says the teacher.

Ryan Virtue, an Australian student learning Spanish at our school, shares, “I wanted to learn another language apart from English, which is why I started studying Spanish. The most challenging part is finding opportunities to practice Spanish here in Australia.”

The Spanish teacher is really nice, and I like TLA’s teaching methodology. Sometimes, we visit other classrooms where students are learning English, and I can practice with them because they speak Spanish and want to practice English with me. It’s perfect for everyone.”

Chinese International Students and cross-cultural learning at TLA

Here are some recommendations from Maria and Ryan:

“You are welcome to come and learn. Everyone can learn; some people progress faster, while others take their time, but everyone is capable of learning. Learning a new language is an adventure for both young and old people. For young learners, it opens a window to the world, while for older individuals, it’s a way to keep their brains active and healthy. Additionally, at the school, there are many native speakers, at least of Spanish, who are learning English, providing an opportunity to meet people and exchange languages,” is Maria’s invitation.

For Ryan, “TLA is a large school with modern classrooms, and having an experienced teacher makes learning quicker and more effective than studying alone. The classes are highly participative, ensuring you learn and apply everything you are taught.”


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