Scuba Diving

(Non-CRICOS) This Programme is not Student Visa approved

Have you always dreamed of diving under the sea? Now you have the opportunity to swim with the beautiful marine life and explore the beautiful Australian ocean.



Skills and Strategies

Mode of Study

Programme Details

Programme Length:

3 days

Starting Date:

Any time after the mandatory study time of the Intensive General English course (CRICOS Course Code: 0100568)

Entry Requirements:

You must be enrolled in our Intensive General English course (CRICOS Course Code: 0100568), have adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. No prior experience with scuba diving is required.


Important information for Student Visa Students considering the Scuba Diving Programme:

Student Visa Students are not eligible to enrol ONLY in a Programme. Student Visa Students who are enrolled in the Intensive General English (CRICOS Course Code: 0100568) course have the option to add a Programme to their course, provided they understand and comply with the following information:



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