Learn French

Do you want to learn one of the fastest growing languages in the world? Or perhaps youโ€™re intrigued by the similarities between French and English?

One of the few languages spoken on all five continents, French is the official language of over 29 beautiful countries. While linguists debate the exact amount, itโ€™s said that French has influenced up to a third of English vocabulary with its Latin origins, giving it more common ground with English than any other romance language.




Why learn French with us?

Important note for Student Visa students

Course Details

Course Length:

10 consecutive weeks

Starting Date:

Starting date will depend on your chosen level. Please view our 'Timetable' tab

Entry Requirements:

No prior knowledge required for beginner. If you have prior knowledge, a placement test can be taken


One class of two hours per week


Language apps vsย real-life

Online resources and mobile phone applications are a great introduction to the language.

However, you may unknowingly develop poor habits or incorrect pronunciation that can be difficult to correct if left for too long. Real-life classes can help you lay the proper foundations for learning the language and grasp a better understanding of the grammar and context behind what you are learning.

Apps are a great way for refreshing vocabulary and practice on the go, but if you want to truly learn the language and the culture that comes with it, these real-life classes are for you.

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