Why should Japanese choose TLA to learn English?

Year on year more Japanese students are coming to study English in Australia and Gold Coast is a city that is perfect for studying! If you are from Japan and are thinking or looking to start studying then TLA gives you a good reason for choosing the Goldie (local expression for Gold Coast). 

The Gold Coast has beautiful natural environments such as: stunning beaches, perfect weather all year round, friendly people and you can live a good quality of life. If you like this then there’s no better place for you to choose.

Many Japanese students decide to learn English in the Gold Coast and The Language Academy provides students a comfortable environment in each classroom, excellent teachers and amazing location but not only that, we have other reasons for you to choose TLA: 

  1. Supportive Environment:

TLA is renowned for providing each student with specific support not only in the classroom but also the teachers and staff can give you recommendations to find work, to find places to live and how to adapt to the Australian lifestyle. “We can give specific attention to each student’s needs because of our small class policy of maximum 10 students per class”, said Lorena Pirotta, Academic Manager of TLA. 

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  1. Fun and Academic Environment: 

You shouldn’t be scared to learn because everyone here is lovely, teachers and international students are happy to know about where you come from and your culture and traditions. It’s the perfect place to learn English because you can get to know people from all over the world including from Spain, Thailand, Switzerland, Colombia, Brazil, France, Argentina, Germany, among others. 

For the teacher Sam “The most important goal for TLA would be to give students the best experience possible in an inclusive environment where people from all over the world can interact and learn from each other”. 

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  1. Learn English with different methods:

TLA has high quality standards with the teachers, modern computer labs and modern smart boards that allow students to continually learn in an interactive technological environment. Teacher Jay has said “The students can have an excellent education, a great social experience here, with fantastic facilities. TLA is looking to create a wonderful place for students to enjoy their education”.

Overall, TLA is known to be a fun, interactive, modern, inclusive, and academic school where you can learn fast with maximum 10 students per class in the most beautiful part of Australia!

We are waiting for you here on The Gold Coast. Don’t lose this opportunity to live the best experience you could have in your life!


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