Students holding a Student Visa are NOT allowed to take holidays during their study period UNLESS they have weeks of holidays included in their Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

For example: If a student is enrolled for 24 weeks but has a CoE that reflects a total of 26 weeks, it means that the student has 24 weeks of studies and 2 weeks of holiday. This information is given to teachers on the student’s first day of class. The information will also be on the classroll.

Students with visas other than a Student Visa, can take a holiday at any time as long as the holiday is requested at least 1 week before the desire holiday dates.

  • In order to take a holiday, students will need to fill out the holiday Request Form. See next page. The form must be given to admin for process 2 weeks prior to the desire holiday dates.
  • holidays must be taken in ‘a week format’ (Monday to Friday) and not by days.
  • Applications for holidays will be considered by the Academic Manager and they may be rejected if the student has studied less than 10 weeks (unless there is a special reason) and or the student’s attendance is below 70%
  • If the student is under the age of 18, the holiday request must not be granted UNLESS their parents or guardian have approved the student’s request in writing (via email or a formal letter).