Learn Spanish

Are you planning to travel to one of the many places where Spanish is the native tongue? Or perhaps youโ€™re looking to impress potential employers with a competitive bilingual edge?

Widely spoken and culturally diverse, Spanish is the official language of over 20 beautiful countries. With its Latin origins, Spanish builds upon a long heritage of art, literature and music which contributes to its romantic reputation.




Why learn Spanish with us?

Important note for Student Visa students

Course Details

Course Length:

10 consecutive weeks

Starting Date:

Starting date will depend on your chosen level. Please view our 'Timetable' tab

Entry Requirements:

No prior knowledge required for beginner. If you have prior knowledge, a placement test can be taken


One class of two hours per week


Language apps vsย real-life

Online resources and mobile phone applications are a great introduction to the language.

However, you may unknowingly develop poor habits or incorrect pronunciation that can be difficult to correct if left for too long. Real-life classes can help you lay the proper foundations for learning the language and grasp a better understanding of the grammar and context behind what you are learning.

Apps are a great way for refreshing vocabulary and practice on the go, but if you want to truly learn the language and the culture that comes with it, these real-life classes are for you.

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