Accommodation on the Gold Coast

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Living as a guest in the home of a local individual or family is known as a homestay. It is a cultural experience between the individuals or families, known as the host, and a visiting international student.

It is a great way to learn about a new way of life, the local community and culture for all those involved. It will also be one of the best ways to improve your English skills.

Please get in contact with our Administration staff regarding your homestay arrangements.


The various inclusions of a full-board homestay arrangement are outlined below:

  • AUD $290.00 per week
  • Your own bedroom (with bed, desk, lamp and wardrobe)
  • Three meals a day (self-serve breakfast, ready-made lunch, plus a cooked dinner)
  • Electricity, gas and water bills
  • Involvement in family activities
  • Use of kitchen and laundry
  • Phone, transport and internet use will cost extra.

If you would like a room only with no meals provided, this can also be organised directly.

Apartment, Unit or House

Living arrangements other than a homestay experience could include living in a high-rise apartment, unit or house. It is common for young people in Australia, including locals and international students, to live in a share house. This usually means two or more people will live together in the same house, but in different bedrooms to reduce the cost of living.

To search for available rooms or houses to rent, and to get more information about prices, visit the websites such as:

Please note this is not part of the homestay arrangement, which means you will need to organise your accommodation independently. The staff at the Academy are available to provide assistance if you have any issues with your accommodation arrangements or if wish to change your choice of accommodation.


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