๐Ÿ…  What do you like most about studying at The Language Academy?

โ’ถ โ€œI can be an example for many young people learning English. If I can do it, they can do it [laughing].

I had to follow my dreams to learn English and speak English. I am married, and I have children back in Chile, but I said, โ€˜I need to learn Englishโ€™. I love the weather here, and I love the beach. I need warmth, and I donโ€™t like when itโ€™s cold.

Itโ€™s never too late to learn, or, nunca es tarde para aprender.”


๐Ÿ…  What has been your biggest challenge while studying English?

โ’ถ โ€œListening is no problem โ€“ to speak is my problem, because I need vocabulary. In English there are many, many rules.โ€


๐Ÿ…  What has improved the most?

โ’ถ โ€œAlways I spoke with present, and now I can make a question like โ€˜Did thatโ€ฆ? Did you haveโ€ฆ?’ I have improved making questions. And using past tense. And listening at the dinner table. Before โ€“ nothing โ€“ now I can get the context.โ€


๐Ÿ…  What was it like studying in Australia?

โ’ถ โ€œThere are many differences from Chile to Australia. In Chile I was up at 7am, and I wake up at 5.30am here because of the light; in Chile itโ€™s still dark. Most important is lunch – in Chile you have a big meal for lunch, not here. I had salad for lunch [laughing]. Dinner is 6pm here, in Chile, itโ€™s 9 oโ€™clock.

In Gold Coast the people are friendly. Taking the bus, people say hello. In Chile, the people are always complaining, but here they are always happy. For example, I went to the movies on Sunday, when I went up in the lift everyone was talking. In Chile, that wouldnโ€™t happen. Itโ€™s very dangerous to ride a bike on the road in Chile, but here, everyone respects the bike lanes.โ€


๐Ÿ…  How has this course prepared you for the future?

โ’ถ โ€œI love to travel. I always love to travel, two or three times a year. I like the cruises, and always the people are speaking English, and always I feel bad because I donโ€™t speak with the other people. I said to myself, โ€˜Next year is not the same, I will speak Englishโ€™. For myself, itโ€™s important. I will be here for about 100 days, but if I donโ€™t speak well, I will come back next year.โ€

Itโ€™s never too late to learn, or, nunca es tarde para aprender.

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