🅠 What is your favourite thing about studying at The Language Academy?

Ⓐ “The atmosphere I would say. Of course, the people… the people create this atmosphere. It makes you feel that you’re welcome; everybody cares about you. Studying here is about more than just learning English, it’s about building up different relationships.”


🅠 What has been your biggest challenge while studying English?

Ⓐ “Hmm, I think the preparation for my CAE exam. When I came here, I finally decided to do it. This was definitely something that challenged me, but I could take so much more out of it. I was so lucky because I had one-on-one classes, even though it was frustrating at times.

And I was so lucky because I love all of the teachers; Rhyle is this typical Aussie, and he talks with an Aussie accent. Nick is also your typical Aussie, but he talks very articulately; and then Sarah, who speaks with a British English accent. So I had three different influences.”


🅠 What has improved the most?

Ⓐ “Everything [laughing]. My English flows better. My pronunciation has changed, and still is changing after three months. What I’ve learned has been the perfect foundation, it was exciting to experience. I wouldn’t say I’m fluent by now, but I’m feeling more confident. I’ve made good foundations to become more fluent throughout the next few months.”


🅠 What was it like studying in Australia?

Ⓐ “I’ve been learning English for 11 years, since the third grade in primary school, as it was compulsory. And I’m so thankful that it was compulsory. So, I think the main difference was that it was a completely different situation in class. Here in my classes it was one-on-one. Back in Germany it was not.

One of the reasons it’s different is the relationships. Here I wouldn’t consider teachers ‘teachers’, but more so friends. For a lot of people it sounds weird or strange, but I’m so grateful that they entered my life.”


🅠 How has this course prepared you for the future?

Ⓐ “This course prepared me for writing, listening, speaking, and, what is the other one? Reading! [laughing]. Every single area was taught, and because of that I can take so much from it. Since I will be studying international communications in the Netherlands next year, it will definitely prepare me for that. Even though I make mistakes, I feel so much better, and I learned a lot about the English language. Learning about a foreign language, you learn about your own.

I got to learn about Aussie culture, things like the Melbourne cup and it’s just as much a cultural exchange.

I’ve been in Aus for three months, and my entire stay for will be for six months. I will travel around Aus for six weeks, and then try to extend my stay. If not, home.”

Studying here is about more than just learning English, it’s about building up different relationships.

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