๐Ÿ…  What do you like most about studying at The Language Academy?

โ’ถย  โ€œI have learnt a lot and enjoyed a lot. Teachersโ€™ effort to encourage students to communicate each other is obvious every where and every timeโ€


๐Ÿ…  What has been your biggest challenge while studying English?

โ’ถย  “To catch other students accent. Non native English speakers that I wasn’t used to as sometimes they spoke fast”


๐Ÿ…  What has improved the most while studying English?

โ’ถย  “My writing”


๐Ÿ… ย What has been one of your favourite activities to do on the Gold Coast in your spare time?

โ’ถย  “Surfing”


๐Ÿ…  What piece of advice would you give to students considering studying in Australia?

โ’ถย  “Jump into a new environment. New students don’t have to be 100% prepared to study. The school will give you everything you need to learn and improve”

I have learnt a lot and enjoyed a lot

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