🅠 What did you like most about studying at The Language Academy?

Ⓐ “My relationship with my teachers, all of them. I have had the chance to have several teachers, and I have built good relationships with all of them. They all have a different attitude and way of teaching. It’s very nice as it’s always different, so I can’t get bored [laughing]. Usually I have two teachers a week, so it’s quite nice.”


🅠 Tell us what a day in the classroom looks like? What activities do you find useful?

Ⓐ “First I have a cup of tea [laughing]. Depending if its Monday or not, we talk about what we’ve done the day before, or what happened during weekend, then we talk about a bit of everything we have learned before starting a new topic. Actually, because I like talking, I would say it’s my strength. I spend a lot of time talking, it’s the best way I can learn. [The teachers] find the best way to teach you, and because I had a one-on-one lesson, it was really nice to build the relationship.”


🅠 What has been your biggest challenge while studying English?

Ⓐ “If I talk about the language itself, it would be the tenses; the best one you have to choose to describe a situation – now I’m quite comfortable with that. I can easily say, ‘Who will be teaching me tomorrow?’. I couldn’t say that a couple of months ago. I feel I have improved. Also, my vocabulary. Because I’m quite open to learning everything, if I’m here I would like to learn as much about the culture as possible.’


🅠 What has been one of your favourite things to do on the Gold Coast?

Ⓐ “We climbed Mt Warning. We did that with my teachers and some other students. I had always wanted to do that, and finally we did it. Not in the morning for sunrise, we started a bit late [laughing]. That was really nice. I was a bit afraid of not doing it as it’s almost time for me to go. I really wanted to do it.”


🅠 What piece of advice would you give to students considering studying in Australia?

Ⓐ “Not being afraid of making mistakes when you talk. Because this is the way you can improve, even though the Aussie accent is not so easy [laughing]. I would say people are so friendly, they would just be interested in knowing you. Of course, we’re all a bit shy at the beginning, but soon you can feel a bit more fluent.”


🅠 How has this course prepared you for the future?

Ⓐ “I will soon start my studies to become a primary school teacher. It a three-year course. Before that I wanted to have a break, discover some other areas and cultures. The course is back in Switzerland and I’m already enrolled.”

If I’m here I would like to learn as much about the culture as possible.

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