8 Reasons to Study at The Language Academy

  • Small group classes (maximum 12 on the Gold Coast Campus and 15 in Sydney)
  • Multicultural campus with 8 languages on offer
  • Personalised learning and quality attention from teachers
  • Free after school tutoring (during self-study time only)
  • Language clubs, with a mix of international and local students
  • Modern computer lab with Apple iMacs, iPads and a Smart Board
  • Fantastic locations in two iconic cities, Gold Coast & Sydney
  • Interactive lessons with guest speakers or activities each week

Expand your education with any of our most popular courses:

Traveling to Australia is like a roller coaster ride. There are ups and downs, but you have to embrace the adventure

- Paola Rodríguez, Colombia

Make new friends and exchanged cultures and languages

- Thanakorn Malimat, Thailand

“It was a very intimate atmosphere. Perfectly designed just for me and my level. Different to other classes. With Sarah, we would come up with suggestions of things to do. She had a cool style of teaching mixed different techniques. Overall it was perfect - the perfect design for my background and what I wanted to achieve.”

- Deborah, Switzerland

"When I arrived here, it was difficult for me, and for people to understand me. Before, people were saying ‘sorry, I don’t understand’. When I meet somebody now, it’s easier to speak with them. Being here and speaking English all the time has helped me with that.”

- Florentin, France

"Everything has improved. But the most thing is to speak without hesitation and that is thanks to some projects that we have to prepare and talk about it in the class.”

- Noga, Israel

"I have improved my listening, my pronunciation, and my confidence to face challenges."

- Takumi, Japan

"The teachers who teach the English courses were very friendly. We liked the attention they gave to us, and their patience. It was cool to learn English with them."

- Jade and Meryll, New Caledonia

"I've made good foundations to become more fluent throughout the next few months."

- Annika, Germany

"In Gold Coast the people are friendly. Taking the bus, people say hello."

- Tatiana, Chile

I like the people (students and teachers), the technology, diversity, the small groups and the lessons

- Tobias, Argentina

New students don't have to be 100% prepared to study. The school will give you everything you need to learn and improve.

- Ryu, Japan

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Learn a Language Other Than English (LOTE)

(Non-CRICOS course) These courses are not Student Visa approved

We have seven other language courses on offer (non-CRICOS). You can choose from Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese, Italian, German, French and Mandarin. Click on one of the flags to find out more about the language and why you should learn it.










About us

Welcome to our vibrant learning community with campuses strategically located in two iconic Australian cities – Gold Coast and Sydney. At our educational institution, we are committed to providing unparalleled learning opportunities for students seeking to elevate their language proficiency.

Our dedicated team of teachers, staff, and students collectively fosters a warm and supportive environment. Here, we believe in breaking down barriers and empowering individuals to surpass their language goals with confidence and competence.

Embracing a personalized and immersive approach, augmented by cutting-edge technology and top-tier learning materials, our institution is designed to propel students towards successful language acquisition. Whether you’re situated in the lively Gold Coast or the dynamic city of Sydney, our campuses offer an enriching atmosphere where language learning becomes an exciting and transformative journey.

Join us, and let’s embark on this educational adventure together!

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