Study tip: Keep it fun by incorporating the language with your interests

In the classroom we focus on learning many important language foundations like grammar, new conjugations and building on our vocabulary.

After a while the excitement of studying a new language can wear off so, to keep your motivation high, we recommend incorporating the language with your interests. Here are three awesome ideas to get you started:
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If you’re a movie buff or want to watch the Notebook (again), try watching it with subtitles of the language you’re learning. Or, if you want to get cultural, find some of the country’s top rated films and make an effort to really listen (10 points for not having English subtitles on).
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Books, blogs or newspapers:

Anything in the written form is going to allow you to understand the language at your own pace, which is great for beginners. Love baking? Follow a recipe in the language you’re learning. Planning to travel? Do your research on the country’s local websites. Many online sites these days have inbuilt translation options, so if there’s a site you visit every day, shake it up and try translating it.
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It’s fun, social and has unlimited genres to suit all tastes. Although this method can be a little difficult due to pace or clarity of lyrics, it’s great to at least have playing in the background. Start off by finding an artist that is similar to one you already like, and who knows, you might have a new favourite.
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Do you use any of these methods? What works best for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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