Friday Speaking Activity


Speaking in another language is usually a big challenge. This is why at The Language Academy Gold Coast we organise fun and academic Friday speaking activities to help you improve your speaking skills fast and become more confident.

Our speaking activities are conducted by professional teachers who can understand your needs and provide you with instant feedback and personalised attention. The Friday speaking activities are offered at our campus in small groups of 8 students (10 in high season) per class. All students enrolled in our Intensive General English Course will participate in our Friday Speaking activities.

In addition to the Friday Speaking activities all students are welcome to join our Language Clubs, which are offered during the optional Self-study/tutorial time. The Self-study/tutorial time is an hour after class, from 1pm to 2pm, in which any of our teachers give students extra help with homework, extra grammar practice, grammar explanation, etc. or students can choose to join the Language club for extra speaking practice. The Language Club is an hour of FREE speaking practice with local students (usually Australians) who are also studying other languages at our academy in the afternoon/evening.

Apart from our Intensive General English Course, all the Exam Preparation Courses (FCE, CAE, Academic IELTS), the English for High School Preparation Programme and the English for Young Students Programme, The Language Academy offers LOTE courses (Languages Other Than English) to local and international students in the afternoon/evening. The LOTE courses are: Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French, German, Mandarin, and Portuguese. Many local students learning the LOTE courses love meeting international students and are very interested in practicing the language they are learning with you.

All of us at The Language Academy want to make sure you get the most out of your studies whilst you enjoy your time with us. Our priority is to offer you as many opportunities as possible to help you improve your skills.


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