Friday Activity - Career Objective Presentation by Study Gold Coast

Activity day: Friday 17 January 2020
Type of activity: Career Planning Presentation
Guest presenter: Donna Naylor

On Friday 17th January Donna Naylor from our local partner Study Gold Coast conducted a presentation about Career Planning. The presentation was extremely insightful and very informative for our students. All students had the opportunity to ask specific questions about their future career objectives and about the Australian Workforce Culture and Workforce rights amongst other things. This enabled them to receive professional guidance and help with their resumés, cover letters, job opportunities, how to look for jobs and navigate their way through the Australian workforce. This activity also gave all students the opportunity to practice their English in a real life situation where they had to engage, interact and ask questions with a native speaker.

Our Friday activities are extremely important for us, they are part of our curriculum and for this reason we try our best to organise activities that are useful and interesting for the students. Our aim at The Language Academy on the beautiful Gold Coast is to ensure that our Intensive General English Course includes dynamic activities that are interesting and fun while also allowing our students to improve their skills and abilities.

Students thrive in an environment where their skills are used outside of the classroom and by having our Friday speaking activities and the guest presenters from different organisations, government bodies, businesses and professionals we can analyse the students speaking abilities and how they improve every week.


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