Callum's Spanish travel story

Callum - Spanish Student - The Language Academy

Are you planning on moving to a foreign country?

Read Callum’s story below on how learning Spanish at The Language Academy helped him make new friends on day one overseas – and how knowing the language made the impossible, possible!


Q: Where did you travel?

Ⓐ “España! I’ve only been here in Spain for a few weeks, but I’ll be here for 6 months with the Auxiliares de Conversación program and I am reapplying to stay an extra year after it ends!”


Q: When did knowing the local language help you out the most?

Ⓐ “A close tie between my first day at work speaking with the other staff members who don’t know English, and opening a bank account which would have been impossible in a town with very little English.”


Q: What is one unforgettable memory you could have only experienced speaking the local language?

Ⓐ “My first day in Elche (the town I’m working in). I was looking for an apartment and I met a group of local and Mexican students who were really nice, and we instantly became friends, so it was really a great and welcoming experience to make new friends the day I arrived in my new home.

It’s given me a new social network and I’ve honestly not felt bored, homesick or lonely at all since the moment I arrived because there’s always something new to do with my friends!”


A big thank you to Callum for sharing your story with us – keep us posted on your progress!

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